Insoles and Accessories

Want to feel great? Give your feet the support they need with insoles from Superfeet and Powerstep! We even have insoles for kids. Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis? Come get some relief with our UltraStretch Night Sock and compression sleeves.

Freakers - "One Freaker, Every Bottle" - fits on anything from a can to a wine bottle

Boot Keepers - Great way to keep your boots in shape - red cedar chips keep them smelling fresh!

Butterfly Twists - Ballet flats that you can fold in half due to their flexible rubber sole - comes with a protective bag in case of a needed wardrobe change

Telic - Not only do these flip-flops have an anatomically correct footbed, but they are also 100% recyclable and made in America

Soxsols - Sock/Insole hybrid